Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lose belly fat!!

Ever wonder how to get that svelte waist you've been trying so long? I am not going to advocate fancy diets or strenuous exercise.

Remember how much of pleasure and bliss you felt when you ate that second helping of chocolate cake or how much you overindulged in spite of feeling full? Well, it works in the inverse also. You need to go through that much amount of deprivation to rid yourself of those excess pounds. First, low carb or low fat diets won't help if you continue eating the same number of calories as before.

First, you need to lose weight on the stomach to let your ab muscles show. And losing weight is best done in two ways- limiting calorie intake and doing exercise. Notice that I said both. Yes, it's hard work to lose weight- almost as how easy it is to put on weight if you are not careful.

3500 calories equals one pound. The safest amount to lose weight is not more than 1-2lb per week. Too drastic and it will be a weight rebound. To maintain your weight at the current level, try to cut 250 calories in your diet and do at least 250 calories worth of exercise every day. To lose weight, try to cut 250 calories in your diet and work out for at least one hour three times per week.

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