Sunday, September 29, 2013

Special K Kellogg Diet works or not?

Special K is an interesting marketing ploy that works on your paranoia of putting on weight or losing weight. The important thing is whether it works or not.

So let me embark on this diet and update you as I go along whether this is a diet for keeps! I don't think that this diet can be for longer than 2 weeks max as it would be really boring to eat cereal, cereal and more cereal. Besides, sugary cereal as a source of nutrition sounds dubious at most!

I've had my weekend of gluttony decadence- so am prepared to face my Monday with a Special K! Oh and don't forget to choose the Special K cereals which have sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) instead. I don't mind eating reasonable amounts of sugar but HFCS is the nemesis of diets and I wonder why even would they put this in a cereal (that too diet cereal!)

If Special K gets too boring or is only available with HFCS, I suggest trying this out with Whole Weetbix or oats which should be just as or probably healthier!

So here's how it works- this is basically a calorie deprivation diet so I don't recommend going more than 2 weeks on it. Also, if you feel hungry, try to have vegetables or limited quantities of fruits since fruits contain high sugar and will be easily converted to fat.
Breakfast- 1 bowl of cereal with low fat milk and fruit (limited)
Lunch- Vegetable salad with chicken breast or Sandwich within 500 kcal
Snack- 1 fruit or a few almonds
Dinner- 1 bowl of cereal with low fat milk and fruit (limited)

Hopefully K will stand for a knockout figure once the two weeks are up :)

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