Monday, September 30, 2013

Special K Day 1

Here's posting my Day 1 with Special K

Breakfast- 1 cup cereal with low fat milk; 1 cup green tea
Lunch- 1 vegetable wrap with brown rice; 1 cup watermelon
Snack- 1 cup tea with milk; 1 white chocolate and few chips....succumbed to temptation :(
Dinner- 1 cup cereal with low fat milk and blueberries
1 multivitamin and 1000mg Omega3 capsule

 My energy level seemed fine today and I attribute that to cutting down on my caffeine. I limited myself to just green tea and English tea today.

I don't expect my scale to move today but hopefully the foundation is going to be there over the next few days. It's also about making sure I have the willpower to control and succeed!

I'm going to end the day with a 45 minute walk and some exercises- I plan to incorporate more low-intensity exercise in my routine since when you're on a calorie deprivation, it's easier to keep it low-intensity and consistently hit at it. 

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