Friday, July 27, 2012

Junk food

Scarfing down a  burger
Licking the salt off french fries
Guzzling down large sugary drinks

How often is this part of your diet? When you talk about fast food, people think about the fat and sugar that we consume. Fast food chains are  nothing but assembly lines where the buns, meat and pitiful little vegetables are sourced at a low-costs from various locations and then assembled together into something resembling food. But do you stop and think about whether it's natural to consume food that has large expiry dates, has dubious nutrition with white processed flour being the nutritive cornerstone? It's proven scientific  research that developing countries after having fast food outlets introduced in their countries,show a greater precedence for the "western" diseases like heart ailments and diabetes.

Before you reach out for a burger,think about what you're putting into your body! More still, if you're subjecting your children to this, please stop! 

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