Thursday, December 2, 2010

Figs- a tasty and filling snack

Figs are a very healthy and satisfying snack which is chock-full of fibre and is rich in potassium, calcium and iron as well as anti-oxidants. Although figs might contain a lot of calories (100g of dried figs has about 250kcal as compared to 100g of fresh figs which has 70 kcal), they are ideal to make you full thanks to the fibre content.

Figs have always had a certain mystique to them considering their associations with healthy fertility, and have long been considered as ambrosia down the ages. Considering that it's a cocktail of nutrients for health, I'm not surprised.

Having 2 to 3 figs along with a glass of skim milk is an ideal snack which will keep you satisfied for a long time. So if you are upping your exercise and feel that you get hungry very soon, why not try this out?

If you find it hard to come by fresh figs, you can always reach for a dried fig or two. Dried figs are rich in antioxidants which help fight aging.

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