Monday, September 29, 2008


I know I am going to take a lot of flak for this!! But let me get it off my chest. I hate Starbucks coffee. There! I said it! Now have I become the social outcast?

I find Starbucks coffee overrated, overpriced and most of all, overcalorific!!
When I drink their coffees, I need to add a a lot of milk and sugar to make it palatable. And needless to say, adding a lot of milk and sugar is like saying "Bring on the calories!!".

One Starbucks everyday will probably add another 300- 500 calories of overload to your system. That is, if you manage not to be tempted by the muffins and other desserts on display.

Of course, there are the lite versions of beverages also. It's all about choice, ultimately but if your will power is not strong enough, you might find yourself heavier on the scale.

What I find appalling in restaurants or in places where people prepare your food, other people do not have any considerations in respecting your body!! If I order a grilled fish sandwich, the guy slathers the butter on and on. If I order a Starbucks coffee, they give me extra whipped cream and chocolate in it as a gesture of goodwill!! When you notice how other people prepare your food, you really understand why home cooking is the best since you would probably take more care in preparing your food!


kouji | haiku said...

ah. indeed. that stuff can be quite sweet. :O

still, it's one of the few places here where you can plug a laptop. :)

gabriella said...

I know!! It's a fantastic way to lure you in like even McDonalds has wireless too...